Friday, February 14, 2014

The Sky is Falling!

People always forget from expansion to expansion that there are some things people will always need, so they assume that things like enchanting materials, ores, herbs, cloth, and even leathers are not needed any longer.  Here's a short list of crap you do not really need moving into another expansion, unless you are going for extreme niches:

Rare cut gems, and rare uncut gems unless they are used in engineering
Non-PvE Meta gems
Most specialty leathers (scales, mag hides)
Enchanting Epic crystals and rare quality shards
Uncommon quality inscription inks
Enchanting scrolls, with the exception of weapons
Cooking materials*
Feasts of all types
Flasks, elixirs and potions
Any and all raid drop crafting materials (Spirits)
* With the exception of carrots, scallions and other pre-575 cooking materials

It never fails that crap on this list tends to just drop in either value or demand, so don't get stuck holding them.

Things you want to horde between now and release, something I call safe bets:

Ghost Iron Ore/Bars
Trillium Ore/Bars
Windwool Cloth/Bolts
Rare 415 JC trash rings
ALL non-bound glyph recipes
Uncommon Quality Blue gems (Lapis, ok?)
Surplus dusts/essences - if your prices look like crap like ours here
Underpriced exotic leather - wait on the dump

There are a few other things I'd be careful of, as we progress into Beta and see drops and changes, but that's my list and I'm sticking with it.

Thanks for stopping in!